Well hello there. My name is Alex and this is my blog. I mostly post a lot of anime (Mostly Madoka Magica cough) and like video games and stuff.

I also post a lot of dogs. I love dogs.
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  • anime trope episodes: the beach episode, the festival episode, the episode where someone doesn't know how to cook
  • western cartoon trope episodes: the episode where someone has several copies of themselves made, the episode where inanimate objects come to life, the episode that is a homage to a movie from the 1950s, the episode where someone is shrunk down to microscopic levels and placed inside the body of another person


sometimes I can whip out a sweet essay in two hours and sometimes it takes me four tries to spell prevalent


I feel like every Persona 4 fan has their own thoughts about Souji’s shadow, and while I have a couple of different theories and opinions on the matter, my personal favorite is that Souji does, in fact, have a shadow, but it refuses to manifest.  

A lot of shadow!souji’s are condescending and snide - frustrated with Souji’s friends for their dependance on him even as it despairs of losing them - but I prefer the idea that Souji, at his core, refuses to be an imposition.

He doesn’t open up to his friends or burden them with his problems, because he is too scared of appearing troublesome or problematic.   He is afraid that the team will give him up as a bad investment.  

So, Souji’s shadow never appears, because it refuses to bother the Investigation Team.  Because of this, Souji has never gotten the chance to accept it.  

Hell, Souji’s shadow might be downright helpful.  Anything to make sure that the group doesn’t abandon its leader.

Long story short, I once wanted to write a fic about how Izanagi was simply Souji’s shadow in disguise, watching and waiting until everyone was safe, secure and happy before it made its presence know.

On an unrelated note, it has been a long time since I last painted in this style, and I missed it.  This was fun.

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im ememeing hard atm


when u and ur friends look fresh af



If you thought this was funny in GIF form, just listen to it dubbed.

Artist: chenyakumo






holy fucking shit


ah you’re playing the gray garden? i love that game. the garden’s just [clenches fist] so gray


has anyone done a nuzlocke run of a fire emblem game yet? like, if a character dies in battle, you’re not allowed to use them anymore.